November 05, 2006


I wrote this one earlier in the week:

Against Nature was the first song on an album called NEED FOR NOT by a band called Levitation (Someone has written a Wikipedia entry here.)

I've been having all sorts of forces pulling me with no clear goal or any clear “I want to do that” feelings. My stars told me I should look for some sort of success in what I am already doing.

We had a bit of a stormy house meeting a while ago where it was suggested, probably to make light of the tension, to buy a snake to deal with the mice in the kitchen. I quite like the mice, they don't bother me. Sometimes when I am pissed sitting half comatose with a friend they come out and watch us like they are watching TV, eating crumbs off the floor like TV dinners. With the alternative being poison and being in the minority I thought of a snake as “natures solution” and agreed. I swear I heard a nervous “EEK!” from behind the boiler.

Over the next few days I looked at different snakes on the net, marveling at their beautiful colouring. A rainbow Boa? An Albino Burmese Python? A rat snake? All looked so beautiful. We had been visited by a huge Python which I had draped around my neck last summer. I thought it was very cute. I looked on Youtube and very quickly found alarming videos of snakes killing goats, rabbits, rats etc, various innocent creatures for tea. I also found the story of China's real life Cruela DeVille

I found this, and the compulsive interest I found myself taking in it very alarming. This recurring questioning of natures violence lead me to's beheading videos which I immediately regretted. Those sorts of images just never leave your brain. I can't understand why a group of people would film a snuff movie where they behead an elderly man shouting “God is Great!” for ANY reason.

All this has disturbed me for days in ways I still can't understand. I feel like becoming a vegetarian. When asked (as often happens in hippie circles) if I am a vegetarian my stock answer is to say “Ideologically I am a vegetarian but I am a hypocrite.” This is wearing a bit thin now. Nature is wrong. I'm against it myself. Do you remember the snake and the mouse which became friends? The leopard and the cow?

Wondering what is the way forward with film I've been considering various options along with Mike who writes Realgem, and Claudio Franco who writes about Afghanistan. We are all friends on the same tip. Where Mike and Claudio are fairly happy to risk war zones I have no stomach for that sort of thing myself so I'm looking into researching Islamic communities in Southern Thailand, South Africa or Jamaica.

Oh, and the mice had a lucky escape. My search for a snake lead me to a Hackney pet shop where the helpful girl behind the counter spoke highly of the successes people had with certain plug in devices that emit a sonic frequency mice and rats cant stand. She hadn't had any returns, and they were guaranteed for two years. The rather miffed and slightly deafened mice won't know the lucky escape they have had.

Earlier tonight I happened to meet a guy who lives in Southern Thailand. He says he is much more alarmed by Islam these days. Apparently in the area he lives radicals have started bombing banks and government officials. He reckons their cause is more socio-economic, Whenever their aims are stated “An end to poverty” usually comes first on the list. He reckons the strange Thai Buddhist system has yet to wake up to the trouble brewing, calling the perpetrators “Insurgents” as if they come from somewhere else. He was adamant that the bombers come from within Thailand's Islamic community.

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