January 04, 2005


Happy new year and all that. I saw the new year in at theliquid connective squat party. They were trying to charge £15 for a squat party where the toilets didn't work which I found pretty hilarious. I love my fellow London trance people.

By morning I heard rumours of screens in Trafalgar square and other major cities anouncing that Britain was going to lead the way in a campaign to make poverty history by the end of the year. Apparently this is being lead by such people as Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Bob Geldof and Bono.

Following this trend of unlikely aliances I found that Bono and Bill Gates have teamed up in the Telegraph on the same issue. I'm sure everyone on indymedia will be scoffing but I say all the best to them. The article seems to be covering all bases including putting the evil WTO in the spotlight.

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