March 28, 2005

Following around to see a life that’s never in
Always calling itself on its own phone
Though it’s never quite at home
In the world today.

The Cardiacs


Anonymous said...


This comment made me think of the wierd thing that happened to me this morning.

The phone rings at 909am and wakes me up.

I answer, but whoever it was just hung up.

I do 1471, and discovering its a mates mobile number I give him a call.

Thing is, I wake him up!

And his phone wasn't even in his pocket or anything, but on the table.

Wierd. Freaked me out a bit.

Anyway, I also enjoy reading your blog and comments on the Synergy list.

Be really cool if you'd like to start contributing to the uniteddiversity blog I'm gonna launch soon.

Are you up for it?



DAVE BONES said...

of course, good to know you pop by Joe.