March 11, 2005


Krishnan from Channel 4 news:

The Government claims it is protecting us from terror,
the Lords say they are saving us from a fate worse than death - the
erosion of everything that makes British democracy and freedom what it is.
It boils down to this: a sunset clause versus an annual review. The
Tories and Lords want the terror bill to die in a year's time, by which
time there will have been enough time to write a better bill. The
government claims this would send out a message to the terrorists that Britain
isn't taking this seriously. Instead they say an annual review of the
law would be better.

So hold in your head if you will the image of an evil terrorist,
watching the news tonight at the same time as you, deciding whether or not to
pack up, go home and forget about attacking Britain depending on
whether the terror bill has a sunset clause or an annual review. I know, it
sounds like a weak attempt to join in Comic Relief. But it isn't.

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