June 11, 2007


the Foreign Office and the Association of Chief Police
Officers have today strongly defended any suggestion of a cover-up over
the report into the CIA kidnap operation and flights passing through
the UK. All this as we discover a CIA linked aircraft landed in Britain
just last weekend.

The Foreign Office was quick to get onto us last night at the
suggestion that the government might have interfered with police inquiries into
whether the UK did or did not turn a blind eye to the US programme to
kidnap and torture Al Qaeda suspects around the world.

Last night I put it to the Lib Dem's Vince Cable that, since the police
didn't ask either the secret services or the airports about this, their
inquiry was either useless or they'd been leant on by the government.
He agreed, live on air.

Today both the police and Foreign Office have denied that there's been
any improper pressure brought to bear. The police are now saying it
wasn't an investigation - merely a 'review'.

So a police review is somehow better than a police investigation? Still
no interviews from either the Association of Chief Police Officers or
the government on this - behaviour that hardly instils confidence in
their vehement denials.


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