August 06, 2007


OK, just watched Channel 4's Dispatches on Islamic extremism. A few people I have met very briefly including Shahid Butt who was in jail with Hamza's sons in Yemen, though this doco made no reference between Butt and Hamza. Also a guy I was introduced to as "Mush" from Fun-da-mental who I interviewed here who was called "Shamil" on this programme I think.

The insight into how the government is "tackling radicalisation" would have made me laugh if it didn't look so blatantly ridiculous. There was some guy from the Sufi council explaining radicalisation with graphs on a flip chart. I can just imagine the sort of people we have in government lapping all this up- as I'm sure it makes sense to them. I am absolutely certain anyone even a quarter of the way to radicalisation wouldn't even see him as a Muslim. I'm sure taxpayers money is flowing in his direction. Government ministers praised him as some sort of hero to them. This guy produces a magazine for Muslims which sidesteps Politics. They film him with a very pretty Muslim girl talking about the concept of the "Burk-kini" which is a new swimsuit for Muslim girls.

"Iraq? Afghanistan? No concern of ours. We have more pressing issues at home."

Another Imam was secretive about the government approved ways prepared to counter radicalisation.

"I wont tell you. It is not in our interest that this gets out..."

Very mysterious. More taxpayers money. Utterly, utterly ridiculous.

Good programme.

Starts on Youtube here (The idiot with the flip chart is right at the beginning.)

Channel 4 under fire for letting Muslim extremist defend 7/7

Should Channel 4's Dispatches being giving the oxygen of publicity to a radical Muslim who justifies the July 7 London bombings?


BigDog said...

I have just started watching which is apparently from British TV

DAVE BONES said...

if you get 4OD it is free apparently although I don't know if it works in the US