August 13, 2009


OK, so it looks like The International Analyst Network didn't like Mr Jenvey's recent updates and have removed them, so they are currently only available on a Pravda forum.

I don't know Mr Jenvey but have had contact with him about all this as recorded here, and I was helping him a bit with some editing of the second piece when this news came through. I have also heard from one of the Islam4UK guys (Mr Waleed) about their recent encounter with Mr Jenvey.

He said that not surprisingly a lot of them didn't really know how to deal with meeting him when he came down to London and spent the day with them, but that after meeting him they feel his conversion is genuine. He told me that they had been reasurred by the Koran which carries stories of Mohammed's enemies converting.

As I have also said before, none of this makes any difference to me but I do find it all fascinating. Being an ex- born again Christian myself who used to knock on peoples doors and tell them about Jesus conversion stories are obviously going to be an interest of mine. Maybe this seems like an unnatural interest but I don't think I will be converting any time soon. I think I am still a bit of a slave to some addictions, even ones which I don't partake in anymore cause me worry sometimes but I don't really see the hand of Satan in it all, its just brainwaves, direction, motivations and concepts.

I found myself watching Abu Haffs lecture about Music Are You On the Right Track on the Islam4UK site. I think I asked this guy if he wanted to make some films after their meeting in Euston one time. Personally none of this moves me or resonates with me at all. I spent most of my time watching it thinking "Get to the bloody point!" but then I am a bloody musician innit so thats probably not surprising. Reading my own writing I am obviously happy for Mr Jenvey, if he is happy.

There are bloggers I know about as well as I know him who might have reason to dislike and mistrust him, I have no idea if these reasons are founded or not. To me he is now just another colourful Muslim I have come across who doesn't believe people should blow up random strangers here and as long as they don't I feel I must treat all of them the same way really.

To maybe provide a bit more perspective of where I am, I missed all this because I was in France doing a show. I just got word of some pictures on a britanny photographers Flash based website. If you click here and follow the links > "Spectacles"> "Vos galeries (...privées) > "The impossible" you can see them.

This sort of thing is much more my focus these days. I rarely examine my beliefs or my perspective on what is "success" in terms of film. In terms of filming Islamists or anyone else for that matter I still think the main thing I believe in is simply documenting. Although I haven't had any success in worldly terms I find I still hold this belief quite strongly and although I live in London and have done for a while now I try to keep hold of a very un-London attitude to hurry. This only seems to bother other road users for some reason.

UPDATE: Omar Hamza Jenvey has reappeared here

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