June 18, 2006


I remember going to Hyde Park looking for some friends who were playing softball. I remember walking for ages in the heat and not finding them. I remember hearing someone playing Motorhead really loudly, wandering closer and finding that it was actually Motorhead playing in Hyde park. I remember sitting down and drinking one of two bottles of wine one my own. I remember walking down past buckingham palace to the South Bank. I remember bumping into some very old friends and helping get a sound system onto the beach. I remember leaving and walking most of the way to South London and finding a great party going on outside my house. Iremember dancing like crazy.

At some point on this journey I dispensed with a carrier bag with my Pop Will Eat Itself T-shirt, a botle of wine and my favourite metallic green sunglasses.

I woke up this morning and one of my rings was crushed onto my finger I have a big pain in my solar plexus and I have a crushed foot. Ah well at least i still have my new guitar.

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Indigobusiness said...

Sounds like Mr. Bonewanker might've finally caught up to you?