September 13, 2007

Purple reigns at the O2

Went to see Prince last night after buying the tickets maybe five months ago. Was OK. The O2 is not really my sort of venue as these sort of stadiums make a decent PA sound like a Tannoy. He did a great gig though, with all the hits, medleys of his stuff and other peoples and a couple of encores. In the end he left in a box and people clapped whilst it was wheeled off. The tickets were a bit of a lottery which ended up with us in the back row, but we were just high rather than a long way back. I still reckon the best ever Prince performance has got to be this one.


La Sirena said...

That was nice, thanks for the link. I saw the Purple One twice: in a large arena with crap sound and once in a ballroom-cum-concert hall. That was an amazing show! He played for 3 hours straight (one 10 minute break while his band kept jamming). He played an odd mix of his songs and a few Sly Stone numbers and Chaka Kahn came out for a few and they did some Rufus tunes. Excellent!

DAVE BONES said...

It was from a bit of a distance but I noticed he applies the same subtlety to keyboard, voice and guitar. I love his guitar playing

La Sirena said...

Me, too.

Some clips from his London shows are up on his website.