May 06, 2010


I had to buy these this morning- Hope from The Sun (who owe me money) who think their man is Obama for some reason

Fear from the Daily Mail (Tory Womens paper)

And the surprise winner is The Star- the only sensible paper today. 20p! being the largest letters on the page some blonde totty WAGs divorce as the headline and "Time to give em a Kick in the Ballots!" as a sort of side issue, reminding everyone how much they hate politicians. Nice one.

I was happily telling my nutty Scottish pal how I didn't vote lest my blood become halal for the global jihadis this morning whilst we were unloading five tons of wood pellets for our burners. The truck driver looked a bit concerned but I don't think he called the cops. They've not been round yet anyway.


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Anonymous said...


They still owe you money? A bunch of tossers!

African Neocon