May 07, 2010

Normal Service will be Resumed...

Well I got that totally wrong eh. Good job I didn't put my money where my mouth was. Well done to the Greens in Brighton. Hopefully Brighton can become a bit of a showcase for some good ideas. Nice to see the BNP go down in Barking, I am currently frantically making calls to see if I can provide a strong and stable government..

will get back to u


UPDATE: I am more interested than worried. If Cameron get in I look forward to seeing his vision for power in the hands of the people. I am sure all the other parties could help him with that maybe. Obviously I am a bit disappointed. I think the majority freak out about immigration and I'm in the minority which is why I don't really feel like I am involved in this country. I am glad everyone who needed one got a "kick in the ballots", including Galloway.



Anonymous said...


When you're going to learn? It's Tory time from now on. First Boris the baddest Turk to grace London and now our posh Dave as PM.

African Neocon

DAVE BONES said...