September 29, 2011


Obviously the guys I was filming from Finsbury are not going to like this guy. I asked Hajj to come with me to an event around his book launch but he didn't want to come, saying he had no interest in government lies and stories. I don't know, and I missed the event in the end due to personal reasons. From this article, I think the guy is more interesting than that.

The former Metropolitan policeman Robert Lambert has been scoffed at as a dangerous buffoon.

In the eyes of British right-wing pundits, his assiduous efforts to develop working relationships between the police and London Islamists demonstrated that he should never have occupied a position of public responsibility.

At a time of fresh arrests in Britain of terrorist suspects, Lambert has delivered a powerful riposte to his critics in the shape of a major study of the theory and practice of combatting terrorism....

There was a load of misunderstanding and power struggles in the Finsbury story that I wasn't a party to so can't comment. I will have to get hold of the book and get back to you after I have run the major points of it past Hajj, who is keeping well by the way. Always nice to visit him.


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