November 05, 2006


Aki Nawaz from Fun-Da-Mental answers his critics thus:

...It is an absolute fact that the division created between Muslims and non-Muslims stems from the lack of deep and meaningful debate. We have been here many times before and I have participated in many struggles outside the Muslim arena to know this becomes a root cause of frustration and action...I am not interested in competitive politics or in books such as the art of war. It is all manipulation and egoism. My concern is to create a chamber where people discuss issues with passion and then resolve. If this helps avoid another atrocity be it by the State or by any individual person then we all gain and enlighten ourselves. Maybe a great and gross naivety on my side but that is my root struggle however I know the branches and leaves are a washed with difficult arguments but something that is achievable.

The following quotes are fact and not fiction

"That sort of thing repeated on a daily basis made me understand how people can become suicide bombers. I think if I had to live in that situation - and I say that advisedly - I might just consider becoming one myself."

Liberal Democrat MP Jenny Tonge referring to life in the Israeli occupied territories.

Suicide bombers "felt they had no hope but to blow themselves up".

Cherie Blair 18 June, 2002.

I have not even said anything of the sort other than creatively and musically talk about bombers as a collective yet there is Politicians asking for me to be arrested.

Bobby Gillespie from Primal Scream recently penciled out poverty and replaced it with Israel in the slogan makepovertyhistory .Yet he is still entertained and respected by the music industry with no loss or resignation notices. If I had done the same can you imagine the fury?

I, for the moment, refuse to talk to the media because it is presenting me with its own sinister agenda and quoting me out of context as well as presenting the album as a few tracks to meet their sensational headlines.

I urge all people to watch V for Vendetta and then ask the press why they did not come down on this film in the same manner or ask for the director or scriptwriters to be arrested as would be the case with many other films, books, documentaries etc. written about the issues I have addressed in my music.Do not believe the hype...

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