November 02, 2006


All people of religious persuasions are totally excused from clicking on this link. No seriously. You won't like it.


translation via babelfish:

I must confess to them that possibly this one is the first time that can enjoy a film to me Squirting, which never attracted to me until now. Cytherea was too anglian for my pleasure. Jincha, very skinny and lacks a good apparatus of cagar like which it likes to Tococo. Nevertheless, Jada is a pretty woman, has one of the tonalities of black skin that it enchants to me and she is more explosive than a strike in the IUPI. That is to say, it promises to be a wood and for that reason I brotherly share with you trailer.

I would like to settle down and have kids with a girl like this no? She seems very nice.


Lazy said...

Hahaa, this is surreal shit, pterodactyl porno...

dave bones said...

Yeah I saw that one a while back. Whos going to get off on that?

Anonymous said...

Fuck I want to lick that up off of her!
Jada firs is so fucking hot!