February 06, 2009


Wow that was amazing. Really painful to watch. Great, stark camera work. A tragedy which brings more honour to the sport of wrestling than any attempt with documentary could probably ever do. You can tell the writer loves these Wrestlers, and that the story of Randy the Ram is a tale which rings painfully true to all but a few of them.

What put the shivers up the back of my legs and arms was the incidental music. It wasn't obvious following the credits who was responsible for it. I was searching for the name of some post-rock group from the States, so I was very happy when I found out it was none other than Clint "Poppie" Mansell with guest guitaring from none other than Slash himself.

There is a great article about their union and its place amongst all the 80s hair metal here. Mickey Rourke also touches on his relationship with Guns and Roses in the interview below.

Nothing in the film is trying to be clever or judgemental, its just a classic American tale. I hope Mickey gets his Oscar. His acceptance speech could be taken from the closing scenes of the film eh.

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Anonymous said...

What a great coalescing of elements: a stylish, visionary director...a great leading lady...and Mickey Rourke making a comeback as only he could do it.

I haven't seen it yet, so I don't know too much (and haven't heard the music), but it has been amazing seeing the build-up for this flick.

Good for Mickey. I hope he gets to bare-knuckle that wrestler that called him out on Larry King. That guy came off as a real jerk.