February 16, 2009

Islam taking root in Kalash valley

CHITRAL: A young Kalashi boy who converted to Islam on Friday said that he was “feeling good after the conversion”. ...District Khateeb Maulana Khaleequz Zaman told the Hindukush Journalist Forum that a Karachi-based trust was supporting the conversion of indigenous Kalash people to Islam. “We motivate the Kalash people to embrace Islam,” the khateeb said. “It is our religious duty to make Kalash people Muslim.” Maulana Zaman appealed to all Muslims to help and support newly converted Muslim people. Experts warn that the indigenous Kalash culture will become extinct in the next 20 years as 15 per cent of the Kalash people convert to Islam every year.

Obviously as I am not a Muslim and I love Kallash culture this worries me.



Gorilla Bananas said...

Are you an atheist, Dave? What do you think of Charles Darwin, the great father of primate brotherhood?

DAVE BONES said...

I am no type of "theist" I thought Darwin had a great beard.