February 23, 2009


Fears over 'summer of rage'

More than a third of voters believe the Army will have to be brought in to deal with a "summer of rage" on British streets as the recession bites, a poll showed.

The widespread fear of serious unrest was disclosed as a senior police officer warned activists were planning unrest and could find rioters easier to recruit because of the credit crunch.

Superintendent David Hartshorn, who heads the Metropolitan Police's public order branch, said known activists were planning a return to the streets centred on April's G20 summit of world leaders in London.

And intelligence shows they may be able to call on more "footsoldiers" than normal due to the unprecedented conditions - which have led to youth violence in Greece and mass protests elsewhere in Europe.



La Sirena said...

Jeez louise, does anyone ever bother to learn the lessons of history? (Full bellies = calm citizens.)

Stupid question, sorry. Well, we live in interesting times anyways...

I.:.S.:. said...

A poll by whom? A third? Wow, that's scary. Oh, and whose army? What, does the British one really have the men to spare?

DAVE BONES said...

I don't think they have brought the army in to deal with civilians since The Battle of The Beanfield at Stonehenge