March 27, 2007


I was being a bit flippant about the way this whole slavery thing is going down in the news. No more after Rageh Omaars frightening programme last night. I certainly looked at the two silks I bought in Varanasi in a different way. Seeing the fear on the faces of Sudanese and Yemeni kids being arrested and rehabilitated in Saudi, or the horror of child prostitution from the mouth of a sixteen year old cambodian girl- slavery still exists.

I'm of an age now when I am not utopic for change anymore, neither do I want to be resigned about the state of things. To me it is all about what happens. Ian Paisley has proved things can still change. Even watching on TV I still couldn't quite believe it, and in the end it was all down to water bills.

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Indigobusiness said...

Utopic is an attitude, not a practical plan.