March 25, 2007


I've never really got the notion of responsibility for your ancestors evils. I'm not responsible in any way for the slave trade. If I had to say sorry, it would be only the English half of me which should have to admit responsibility so I would be half sorry.

I suppose Tony Blair can't say "sorry" for the same reason those responsible for the Bopal disaster can't officially apologise, in that if they apologised they would become culpable legally and therefore open to claims of damages.

In other "Apology news" I totally missed The "IoS" backtrack on their ten year campaign for Cannabis legalisation. Maybe I was too stoned to notice. I don't really understand this either.

From the printed edition:

A report published in The Lancet last week showed how cannabis is more harmful than drugs such as LSD and Ecstacy- but less so than Alchohol and tobacco

But are the IoS calling for Alchohol and Tobacco to be reclassified? No. So Skunk is ten times more powerful and undoutably linked to addiction and scizophrenia but are they calling for the legalisation of normal home grown ganja and hash? No.

Anyway, I'm sorry. Alright?


Indigobusiness said...

I'd say, from my neutral perspective, that the Lancet ranking system is bullshit.

Where does the harmfulness of cannabis rank alongside religion, corrupt government, country clubs, alumni societies, etc?

And how does it rank on a benefit scale?

When are we going to examine things in a clear light? That is the disturbing aspect. What an affected lot.

BigDog said...

Instead of apologizing, perhaps Britain and the west should be thanked for coming to the conclusion that slavery is wrong and destroying the practice in most parts of the world. The pan-African slave trade predates European involvement and was ended by largely British force-of-arms.

Anonymous said...

The slave trade is ongoing.
It operates in many forms and guises.
Someone should apologize for that.

Grapes of Wrath, anyone?

dave bones said...

I'm all for the families who got reparations off the govt. paying that back.

I went to the British Museum for the celebrations yesterday. In my flash of inspiration I thought if they really wanted a lasting statement of recognition they should put some black in the union jack. That would piss off all the "integrationally challenged" amongst us.

La Sirena said...

I'm sorry, but that bud looks delicious.

Also... I'm a US citizen of Irish, British, German and Miami Indian descent. I could spend my life apologizing to myself.

dave bones said...

Say it like you mean it!