January 21, 2008



Twit said...

I find her rather sexy.

DAVE BONES said...

Better with or without the deep south accent?

African neocon said...


I know Dave won't appreciate me using his blog for pouring insults and abuses at his viewers/guests, but how in the world can you find HC sexy? Are you blind? Are you doped out or what? Are you telling me that you don't find Barack Obama or John Edwards aka 'nice hair' sexy? Show me a straight guy that wouldn't want to have his way with them both (after being drunk of course)? As a republican supporter I find Obama and Edwards 'attractive'. Come on Twit, tell me you don't fancy HC, please - it's just not right. Not even charmer Bill Clinton fancies her (just ask Jennifer Flowers and the cigar intern Monica).

DAVE BONES said...

Who was that guy who said Mrs thatcher was sexy? Some famous old photographer wasn't it

DAVE BONES said...

Oh and anyone can insult anyone so long as its entertaining.

Twit said...

Dave: Probably better without, but I like the fact that she can shift like that.


(I would have porked Thatcher when she first became PM)

AN: What can I say..?
What turns me on, turns me on.

I don't really find Barack Obama attractive but I wouldn't mind a three-way with him and Hillary.

You did ask.

DAVE BONES said...

The way Hillary looked at Obama in that debate yesterday i thought she was turning into Thatcher.