January 03, 2008


Hope its a good one. For new Years Eve we managed to get on to the Fish seeks Bicycle stage at the very last minute. We didn't get on till 6 AM and the style we ended up playing didn't really suit the stage we were on. The performers looked great from where I was standing and I think the audience enjoyed them. Was a great party run by a well sound crew and we got a lot of inspiration from the other acts to incorporate a more structured dance set into the show. We were joined at the last minute by a very random saxophonist who I had met previously years ago playing by a fire in the meadows on the edge of Oxford. We aren't going to play live for a couple of months now, we will experiment with midi drum kit and vocoder as I haven't really used the thing in anger yet.

Michael Moore has an interesting take on the US elections here


dave said...

You need to get someone to record a live sessionand put it on youtube for a link instead of telling us about it.

Micheal Moore, MEH, he needs to watch Spurlocks flick Supersize Me.

DAVE BONES said...

There is a bit of live stuff from britanny here.

More coming

African neocon said...

Do you mean Britney Spears?

DAVE BONES said...

Yeah I been following her story in the tabloids. I think she could start a really good career now if she could get all this down on vinyl