January 08, 2008


Hail the rise of the new JFK

I don't get sucked in to believing in Politics anymore these days. Blair nailed that coffin pretty soon after he took power. I have been watching events in the States with a lot of amusement through the lense of Sparklevision mainly, and also on UK Channel 4 News a bit. Before a vote was cast I didn't fancy Obama's chances against this "Hillary machine", and I don't think anyone over in Sparkleland did. Now things look a lot different don't they? I think Obama could win. That is presuming the neoCONS don't do the funny buisness with the chads eh. His oposition is hillarious, especially that Romney guy. He'd address the nation in shirtsleeves with one of those flip charts.

My spies tell me the prosecution in Hamid and others trial is summing up today. I'm heading down.


Jock Coats said...

I hear so many people, including myself, saying that 'twas T Bliar wot ended any confidence they had in the political process/system. What a legacy to leave!

DAVE BONES said...

He sounded great on his way in eh. He really could have been great too.

BigDog said...

What do 'neocons' have to do with chads?

DAVE BONES said...

Isn't Bush's brother a neocon?

Wasn't he in charge of the pregnant chads con?

BigDog said...

The 'hanging chads' issue during the 2000 election was in ONE county of Florida. Jeb Bush was governor of Florida at that time, btu the had/has no more influence over the issue than you or I.

The American government is NOT hierarchical. County and city government owe NO allegience to nor will take orders from state government. State governments owe no alliegence to and will take no orders from the federal government.

Voting, counting votes, voting proceedures, and organizing polls is teh responsibility of county governments led by county elected officials. The county in which thie 2000 election was disputed was democratic.

We can go into figuring out who did what and for what reason, but the bottom line is that Democratic elected officials of Palm Beach County are the only one's responsible. Jeb Bush literally has NO power to compel them and had nothing to do with it.

DAVE BONES said...

maybe it was the chad's fault themselves.

BigDog said...

Choosing the type of ballot was the decision of the Palm Beach County board of election supervisors. These elected officials are elected directly by residents of Palm Beach County.

Now, personally I don't know if it was graft or ineptitude which led them to chose the 'punchcard' type of ballot which is notoriously unreliable and prone to spoiled ballots.

We here Minnehaha County in South Dakota use a simple 'number 2 lead pencil fill-in the oval' type of paper ballot which is the common technomogy used in standardized tests and is readable by humans, and two different types of machine reading. This technology is simple, effective and more foolproof, but I suspect that this is exactly WHY the democratic elected county officials of Palm Beach chose an inferior and flawed ballot system.

Jock Coats said...

Then there's the deregistration of voters entitled to vote ostensibly at the hands of the state attorney general and the state that sends the electoral college representatives and only in a banana republic ought they to do so knowing that the results within their purview were in dispute and the county unwilling to hold a full recount unless the federal supreme court gave them the time to do so by delaying the electoral college vote and so on and so forth. But no worries - at least Bush won with nearly 50% of the popular vote whereas here Blair won with 35%. Neither have anything to crow about. And neither are really democracies as a result.

DAVE BONES said...

and neither have any real choice about issues that matter