January 14, 2008


I thought the trial was over, but it looks like it is carrying on. Confusing.

Terror accused wanted to live like monk, court hears
By Court Reporter

A former bus driver accused of training would-be terrorists wanted to live like a monk, a court heard today.

Kibley Da Costa, 24 of Bentons Lane, West Norwood, is accused of helping self-styled "Osama Bin London" Mohammed Hamid prepare Muslim men for Jihad at terrorist training camps.

But Da Costa's supposed extremism was likened to the beliefs of Christian monks by his barrister Paul Keleher at Woolwich Crown Court.

Mr Keleher told jurors observant Muslims have the same values that monks and nuns espouse - finding God through physical struggle and hardship.

"Court reporter" is Patrick who the fuckers don't credit properly. Who'd be a fucking reporter?

I was humbled, astounded, amazed to see that Rachel North has spent time rounding up a comprehensive summary of me and my trial watching. Around all this "War on Terror" stuff there are a few people who have the light properly switched on if you catch my drift. Rachel is one of them.

She has featured a bit of Musa Ahmet's filming at the end. Musa watched a bit of the trial with me sometimes. It was strange going for lunch with him into a hallal kebab place up the road from the court. He is quite a sharp dresser and some very sexy black girls were giving him a good looking over which he seemed oblivious to. With most of my friends who are single I'd be nudging them to "crack on" to them in this situation. Because Musa is a Muslim I didn't know what to do.

I went to see Charlie Wilson's War last night. I won't spoil it for you here, go see it. It is fucking fantastic. Warm, funny, crazy, beautiful stuff. A really literal, punching script. I came out of the cinema a different person and promptly headed for the cinema bar and got totally pissed. My girlfriend woke me up this morning angrily telling me that my snoring had given her nightmares.


Rachel said...

You're welcome Dave. Will be watching to see what the verdict is...

I.:.S.:. said...

""Court reporter" is Patrick who the fuckers don't credit properly. Who'd be a fucking reporter?"

ah so now you see? fucking crap isn't it...