February 02, 2008


Several thousand Muslim ex-fighters and their supporters protested on Saturday against a Bosnian government plan to start deporting foreign volunteers who stayed in the country after the 1992-95 war.

Thousands of fighters from the Middle East and Africa arrived in Bosnia to fight alongside Bosnian Muslims against Bosnian Serbs and Bosnian Croats. Most left after the war but hundreds stayed on after marrying local women.

The protest was organised under the slogan "Forgive Us, Hamza" in the central town of Zenica, where most of the ex-mujahideen live, ahead of the expected deportation next week of their informal leader Imad Al Husayn, known as Abu Hamza.

The same story through Serbian eyes:

Bosnian Muslims rally behind Jihadists
February 3, 2008

"I carry Bosnia in my heart," says Aiman Abu Abdurrahman, a Jihadist from middle east who was invited by the Bosnian Muslim government in the 1990 to help them kill Christians.

Abdurrahman was given Bosnian Muslim citizenship and was given a local Bosnian Muslim woman to marry with whom she has children.

Bosnia is a country in which I have experienced the nicest days of my life, my Bosnian [wife] has enriched my life, my good Bosnians will always be on my side," says Abdurrahman.

Two of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were veterans of the Bosnian Muslim Jihad. Most gruesome atrocities such as beheadings of Christians, burning down churches with Christians in them and other brutalities have been documented by these Bosnian fighters and the video footage is for sale in many mosques across Bosnia.

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Im interesting about bloody Croats christian in Jasenovac and bloody Serbs from Yugoslavia what they did in Bosna Albania etc they killed all families there....Foreign fighters died bcs religion and opression muslims in Bosnia.Serbs raped 50.000 women there.Nato did good job in Serbia!