February 08, 2008


Should really be working on a "It Was the Sun Wot Won It" for Socialistwanker on this one. I wonder if we will suddenly become popular in the States once Mr H is on US soil? (I wouldn't say we were "popular" but 80% of our hits are from the US for some reason..)I'd like once and for all to hear the charges answered. Maybe I should put up some of the stranger stuff from Finsbury park.

Here you go- Hamza's solitary jail cell hell. I think they are trying to say solitary in the states is going to be worse than solitary here...?

also Amy Winehouse refused Visa to USA, Abu Hamza invited to stay

UPDATE: Clarkson takes it for The Times: Give it up, Hamza – you’re too ugly

much as I hate everything Clarkson stands for he's a great writer and I am glad I don't own a TV or I'd be watching reruns of Top Gear on "Dave" end to end- and I haven't even got a driving licence-

...The main reason the war against apartheid was won is that Nelson Mandela looks good on a T-shirt.

I mean it. Look at all the successful freedom fighters and you’ll note they all had one thing in common: a chiselled, romantic figurehead. Che Guevara, for instance, worked well as a screen print, and as a result the rebels still hold power in Cuba. And because Yasser Arafat looked like he’d just stepped out of that bar in Star Wars, Palestine is still a prison rather than a country. ...

...This of course brings me neatly to the question of Muslim extremists. They are waging a preposterous campaign, trying to make all women in the world wear their headscarves back to front. And there’s no doubt that if their international leader was Abu Hamza they wouldn’t get anywhere.

One eye is good. Admiral Nelson pulled that off well and so does Gordon Brown. It makes you look sinister and interesting. Then there’s the hook for a hand. That’s inspirational. The stuff of Bond baddie legend. But I’m sorry, the rest is hopeless; especially that patchy and spartan face fungus, as threadbare as an aristocrat’s carpet.

Unfortunately, however, Hamza is not the global figurehead. That role belongs to Osama Bin Laden, and let’s cut to the chase on this, shall we? The man’s a looker. Teaming those gentle and kind eyes with an ever-present AK-47 keeps us guessing. He even manages to look good in a dress and that beard. Wow...

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The Egyptians also want Hamza

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