February 04, 2008


The discussions about a reclassification of cannabis begin tomorrow:

the Daily Telegraph front page headline ... says "Abuse of cannabis puts 500 a week in hospital", and it turns out they're actually quoting a figure from a report on the number of people having contact with any drug treatment service of any variety. The colossal majority of these, of course, are outpatient appointments for drugs counselling, not hospital admissions. So there are not 500 people a week suddenly being put into hospital by cannabis...

Channel 4 News reach a different conclusion in their report

Also read Skunk and Psychosis:

"I'd legalise normal dope, but turn skunk into class A," says Julie Lynn-Evans

1 comment:

Twit said...

Of course cannabis isn't harmless.

But neither is booze or cars or skiing or kitchen knives..

This nanny-state shit is like trying to mend a broken heart with a fucking band-aid/sticking-plaster.

I don't have the answers but I'm fairly sure they won't be found through ignorant finger-pointing at specific indulgences.

I'm not going to pretend I 'care' about everyone anyway.

Life is hard, kids. It always was.

But I try to live & let live...
I get stoned, I see beauty; I realise I am music.

& some cunts want to take that away.

Fuck them.

As for the Skunk/'normal dope' situation: How about using smaller amounts of the strong shit in your Js??
That's what I do.
Just like I don't drink whisky by the pint.

It's all bollocks.