August 25, 2006


maybe there exists a contingency plan in which we seize the Arab-Shiite oil producing southwest portion of Iran with special forces to save the facilities, then send in a ground force for more security, all as part of a limited-surgical war strategy/denies them their principle leverage against the world economy while damaging theirs/the Iranian people revolt and overthrow the mullahs gambit.

(And may I add how absurd it feels to blithely throw around the word “gambit” like a colonial official posted East of Suez a century ago, while sitting in the comfort of my home enjoying a summer’s evening breeze, and all the time such a horrifying and frightening prospect as Iranian nukes and/or a confrontation over them seems absolutely inevitable. I pray it is not, for all of our sake including the Iranian people.)

...I wonder if even if that sort of action were to unfold whether we’d be able to keep the oil flowing and contributing to the world economy. They have extended-range rockets, as we’ve seen them share with Hezbollah but were mostly knocked out (by air power), that could probably reach and take out the oil infrastructure, but at least it would deny them the oil and income. Then it might become a question of which economy cracks first, Iran’s or the rest of the world’s. I presume they’re pretty rickety over there, maybe brittle is the word. All they need is nukes, yeah, that’s the ticket!

Iran is an empire with many unhappy minorities. The Arabs in the oil areas are the cousins in a sense of the Iraqi Shiites. Maybe we can offer the locals the chance to become part of Iraq where their vote actually counts, or if Iraq aplits up join them together in Arab-Shiite-Oil Producing Area-istan. Well maybe I should stop raving now.

tw: brown Because it’s all about the BROWN PEOPLE!

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