August 10, 2006


Girls dem sexy, and dem p*ssy fat
Yeah all di girls, di boys dem looking at
Some bwoy bow down, BOW DOWN DOIN WHATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nothing in this world could never have mi doin dat
I dont care if dem ban mi
Cause mi seh fi bun b*ttyman yuh caan wrong mi
Yo mi nuh born ova England a real African this
Real real real Rastaman this, BOOM!!!!
Rastaman dont apologize to no b*ttybwoy
Yuh diss black people then mi gun a shot yuh bwoy
Gimme di whole a di girls cause a dem have up di joy
Inna di Lake of fire mi dash yuh bwoy
Rrrrrrrr!!!! We apologize to no b*ttybwoy
Diss King Selassie then mi gun will shot yuh bwoy
Inna di Lake of fire mi dash yuh, AH HOY!!!!

I shared my guilty secret with Paula the other day during a stoned session playing with one of these. I've been listening to Sizzla's "Nah Apologise" for a while and find myself singing it. I'm totally against the sentiment, I think I'm just listening to it "ironically" but I got to admit, its a great track. I get the feeling that people who complain the loudest about what gay people get up to are probably having secret sausage fantasies themselves that they can't deal with, know what I mean? Though I probably wouldn't elaborate on this theory to Mr. Sizzla's face.

In a related incident, Steve from the Synergy project was telling me a really funny story about a "youth event" at the Synergy Centre which was run by a charity called groundworks, but a few Synergy hippies got involved with on the technical side. One of the softer chill guys had brought some decks and was "supervising" the kids using them. Anyway, the story goes some kids wanted to put this track on, not knowing the guy was gay. He fronted the lot of them saying

"OK. If you believe this do it. I am a bwattyboy, come on, kill me. Now."

After the muttering had died down he finnished triumphantly

"Well if you're not going to do it, I'm not going to play it."


Indigobusiness said...


dave bones said...

thats my other guilty secret.

Indigobusiness said...

I wear my hair like Sizzla.

Paulette said...

It's a fucking great tune!! It's really groovy!
I had to listen to it twice till I finally understood it (Jamaicans, you know), but even then the message didn't stop me from lovin' it. Cheers, Dave!

Indigobusiness said...

I don't want to download the player.

Where else can I hear it?

Indigobusiness said...

I'm thinking of trimming the sides a little....thinking it'd make a bitchen mohawk.

dave bones said...

jus don Yuh diss black people or mi gun a shot yuh.

Indigobusiness said...

I seriously do love the hairdo.

I would never savage anyone, gratuitously...only if they have it coming, specifically.

Bigotry is the height of smallness.

Yet, nobody's exempt in take-no-prisoners candor. We be colorblind as we thrash the lauded glory.

Jah rules, no doubt...none.