August 18, 2006

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Michael Moriconi said...

These pictures are fantastic!

I hope you Brits CAN convince each other to "go it alone". Run from U.S. influence and don't look back! Don't go down with our ship!

dave bones said...

I have faith you guys can pull your ship up. When people realise what opportunities are in front of us as a race things could catch fire very quickly. I think its our destiny.

Indigobusiness said...

Fucking enabling limey bastards gave Bush the boost he needed to turn the world to shit. Bloody hands all around.

I think the optimists and pessimists are both deluded:

The deal is done, the jig is up.

Our destiny is writ large in the headlines. You think things will get better? Today is just a taste of our collective folly. We've turned a garden into a shithole. A shithole with damn fancy plumbing.

London Alive said...

Wicked! Good to see the web growing, there is hope