August 03, 2006

via Rightwingsparkle (who has a different take on Alan Moore here.)

We have to put our hands up and admit to our complicity in the sexual problems we have. As for incest, yes, in real life, incest is very, very, very seldom an idyllic thing. It's much more often a monstrous thing that destroys people's lives. However, we're not talking about real life. We are talking about the human sexual imagination. Sigmund Freud, frankly, I've not got a great deal of time for, because I think he was a child-fixated cokehead, to be perfectly honest. But his is still the prevalent paradigm in our attitude to sexuality. And Freud said that all sexual desire was sublimated incest. I don't agree with that for a moment, but it does suggest that incest is one of the big players in the theater of our desires. So that has to be referred to.

We felt we had to explore even the problematic areas of pornography, because they're a big part of pornography. We didn't want to be accused of turning out something arty that claims to be pornography but isn't. We felt that if we were going to do this thing, we were going to have to do it properly. We wanted it to be as pornographic as possible, and as artistic as possible. We wanted it to be a pornography that would include even the more extreme pornographies.


Rae said...

Dave, I posted this response over at RWS, but thought you might not catch it, so I came over here to deliver. One word summary: provoking. Two word summary: I like.

Dave Bones, we agree :D Finally, I knew something would eventually surface. Glad you spoke up. RWS respects your opinion, so it will get a leg up.

I was introduced to graphic novels this spring in a Film Narrative and Graphic Novel class on campus. My daughter loves Neil Gaiman and Craig Thompson. I gave her V for Vendetta for her birthday, and then we went to see the movie. She couldn't believe that kids her age didn't know Guy Fawkes was a real person in England's history.

P.S. Dave, have you seen Mirrormask? It is a collaboration between Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, and Fab-U-Lous. Far more intellectual than Harry Potter (which I do like, btw).

dave bones said...

nice one. it think graphic novels are my favourite artform, from asterix and tin tin onwards.

Rae said...

Asterix and Tin Tin? I am new to this game, but really enjoy it so far. Should I look them up?

Rae said...

I just bought Goodbye Chunky Rice and a book of Irish Ballads illustrated by Neil Gaiman.

dave bones said...

you never heard of Asterix? or Tin Tin? They were the biggest mainstrem comic books for kids when I was growing up. Look them up. Especially Asterix. The French humour translates to English remarkably well.

I've bought and lost the whole colection countless times.

I don't think you'll find that Neil Gaiman has illustrated anything as he is a writer, but I could be wrong.