August 05, 2006



Indigobusiness said...

Uncle Jimbo is naive if he believes courts are an arbiter of facts, or even of justice. They are arbiters of LAW, alone. Justice is only hoped for via the courts. Innocent people are convicted and the guilty are acquited, routinely.

To suggest issues of the day can't be timely examined via public scrutiny and opinion is ridiculous. Todays front page news is tomorrow's fishwrap, and the passing of time is crime's best friend.

As far as the military and its culture of death dealing goes, when soldiers celebrate the shooting of prostrate civilians -ON CAMERA- not much more need saying.

The Pentagon is an indoctrinating college of better ways to kill, only. Not one ounce of mental energy, or tax dollar, is spent waging peace. And at the first whiff of a new atrocity, its instincts and actions are to cover it up. Witness My Lai, Abu Ghraib, etc. etc. Imagine all the atrocities successfully covered-up?

The resources of America, and, hence, the World are squandered on this culture of death and war.

If the forces of peace had equal footing, the war machine would be stalemated, and there would be no war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon...

It's all unnecessary, and futile.

WAGE PEACE...not war.

dave bones said...

soldiers that blog seem like a fine bunch. In in or the right reasons. Its the multitude that don't I worry about.

I often woder if peace can be made so attractive to humans somehow.

Indigobusiness said...

It's their spellbound parroting of propaganda that I find so disturbing.

Cut through the fog, and speak to the real issues, I say.

I never made any value judgements about the fineness of their bunch. It's the quality of the analysis, fueling the ongoing military miasma, that sucks.

A tenuous peace is better than war of any kind. Rightwingers in power rush to war. It's no mystery, it feathers their bloody nest. Bastards.

And most of them call themselves Christians. Hypocrite bastards.

People are dying and suffering for an absolute lie. There is no abiding it.

Lazy said...

Fuck the law!

Kick out the jams mothefucker!

I play the law like a fucking chess game. Justice? I'll let my favourite band from Sao Paulo say it:

You will pay the price for my own sweet brother
And what he has become
And a hundred other boys and girls
And all that you have done

No police, no summons, no courts of law
No formal procedure, no rules of war
No mitigating circumstance
No lawyers speech, no second chance

There are eyes that see but say nothing at all
There are ears that hear but they dont recall
In this city of ours
So we followed your man back to your front door
And were waiting for you outside
cos not everybody here is scared of you
Not everybody passes on the other side

And we could spent our whole lives waiting
For some thunderbolt to come
And we could spent our whole lives waiting
For some justice to be done
Unless we make our own

Lazy said...

Yet struggle and war have always been.

Will the human race ever outgrow it?

Will war one day seem like the witch-hunts, a barbarous memory?

I don't know. How can I know?

But isn't that spirit to fight part of what makes the human spirit what it is? The dark side of that spirit, yes, but there is a light side to it too.