October 04, 2008


This is very interesting. I've seen this guy before. Choosing my words very carefully as one who talks to these "extremist" types on occasion, I think he has often said things I can relate to as sensible. Obviously he is a lot closer than the useless expensive horse shit about "tackling extwemism" which comes from government. Because he is taking government money a lot of Muslims are going to say that he has made a deal with Zionists and kaffirs and is therefore a kaffir.

This has been edited to tell a story, media types are pinning their hopes on this guy. I'd like to see the raw footage. Not surprisingly I am ominously drawn to attend one of these meetings. I can be honest and say that although I have a huge amount of disagreement with these guys they are brave to still be meeting like this. I don't know what they are saying, I don't trust that a true picture of what they are saying is making it to TV. I saw Hamza preach for too long to make that mistake.

Watching Inyat Bungawala describing them as hooligans who can't be reasoned with made me smile, remembering Finsbury park. Were they hooligans? Yeah, some of them. And as so many were masked in was very hard to tell the difference between hooligan and sincere Muslim. When Atilla gets out I'm going to ask him the truth behind all this- as far as Finsbury is concerned anyway.

I have no idea who these lot are or if anyone ex-Finsbury has drifted toward them. As I have said before everyone Finsbury when I used to go there thought Choudary, Bakri et al were MI-5.

"We don't say any of this and are demonized and arrested. They say everything and remain free?"

There is a loud voice inside me saying "No! Don't do it! Stay away! Stick to your music, find a new chick to entertain yourself."

Christ knows


Umar Abdullah said...

Hi Dave,

been trying to watch this for ages but I can't get any sound? Have you got an alternate link?



DAVE BONES said...

It is on the Channel 4 website somewhere or maybe try their hosts Brightcove. I can't find it at the moment. You can usually find such things by clicking on similar stories and related videos appear on the side. Or write to Channel 4 news and ask them, they usually reply.

Sorry I can't be more help.

Umar Abdullah said...

still can't find it. Whats the guys name in the crowd arguing and being restrained? (sorry, should narrow that down )

DAVE BONES said...

That is the guy from the Active change foundation