October 13, 2008

Two of Britain's biggest high street banks will in effect be nationalised today in a dramatic move by the Government that follows a day of international negotiations aimed at co-ordinating a pan-European approach to the global financial crisis.

The Apprentice has always been the show I have loved hating on this blog, but I thought Alan Sugar seemed to be talking sense in The Mirror today.

I'm wondering again whether this boom and bust isn't the game of a very few people who are laughing at us. It all just looks too scripted. For all the good times we had smileyBlair, and waiting in the wings this prudent, safe guy in charge of the money. Then just as he takes charge- what do you know? The economy crashes and he comes out stern faced, leading the world. Did they not know all this was going to happen? But I don't believe in conspiracy theories eh.

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