October 07, 2008

The Hidden World of Lap Dancing

Fascinating. Sorry, I mean disgusting. Shocking. I wasn't titillated by that at all. I bet the journalist wasn't either. Tough work. Narrated by Mark Bonner. Sorry I meant Bonnar.

Seriously though for a second, this is like the story of the emperors new clothes. Really? Dancers get up close and personal in lap dancing clubs? Really? Some of them offer sex for £250-£300? That's not really a surprise is it. The programme, for those who watched it in genuine horror pitched it just right though. If this is going on, it should be answerable to the community around it. Fat cats can open these places and there is nothing residents, councillors or MPs can do about it. What is the answer? Red light districts set up and regulated to protect everyone maybe? Places where everything goes and undercover doco makers can bring their cameras out into the open?

I don't know. I have a bit of experience working in strip joints a long long time ago when I err... wasn't very well. I remember when there was a mass exodus of the more, shall we say "up market" looking girls to lap dance clubs. I am not really for or against regulation. All of this would exist somewhere wouldn't it. I've never had a lap dance. I think treatment like this guy was subjected to for his money would drive me fucking mad. It drove me mad enough looking at naked girls from behind a bar all day and night.

Seeing nakedness and not touching it is too frustrating for me. Seeing it and touching it if you pay for it, well that is beyond my experience. I have never been offered sex by a prostitute. Maybe once through a window in Amsterdam. In my experience, bar a very very few who are absolute gems, these sort of women are just addicted to the money. A lot of them are intelligent but lazy to try something which might be more of a struggle, but which might actually reward them rather than returning them to the same place. As the guy in the film says they are very skilled, but they are hypnotised by basic, and when you get down to it, very boring capitalism.

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Erik Grow said...

Shocked...SHOCKED, I am, that there's SEX going on in here! Heehee.

Hey Bones, just wanted to stop in and say hello from across the pond. Looks like there's quite a lot happening in "The Rest Of The World Outside The United States". I'll peruse the last few posts. Keep hoping for a restoration of sanity over here in 27 days. I'm in Virginia, a new and fairly large swing state, and we could be pivotal this time!

DAVE BONES said...

ha ha yeah SWING IT MAN! I love your commentary over at Sparkles. Really fun to read and a bit more high brow than mine. All my posts are about the same things, Terrism, Music, Nuttiness and weed.

Erik Grow said...

Thanks Bones, hehheh. Don't sell yourself short though, it's great to have someone there that both generally agrees with me and also takes things less seriously. One of these days, I'd love to go across the pond and witness some of the stuff you write about with you. It would be like an "embedded reporter", but hopefully without the need for body armor! It's a whole other world out there my friend.

I.:.S.:. said...

Haha. That would be funny. Erik Grow's reports from the front line in the post-apocalyptic desolation of London drum&bass-land, embedded with a band of dangerous ketamine-hoofing maniacs.

Indigobusiness said...


And i.:.s.:. sums it up rather well.