October 22, 2008


via Rightwingsparkle. Its hotting up over there!


Indiguts said...

If the rightwingers know who stole their sign, and are eager to shoot them over it, what's stopping them?

All hat and no cattle.

DAVE BONES said...

If the debate I've been seeing is any indication another week and it will be gunfight at the OK Coral.

Indigobusiness said...

It's getting ugly out there.

BigDog said...

Oh please. Shooting someone for petty vandalism is illegal. He CAN put them under citizen's arrest for vandalism, but unless the vandals become violent, he can't shoot them legally.

He's just pissed. He has a right to be.

DAVE BONES said...

Of course he has. I just thought the sign was funny.

Indigobusiness said...
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Indigobusiness said...


While we're developing our keen sense of the obvious here, it's not beneath rightwingers to steal their own signs to launch into some ridiculously bellicose stand.

At least there weren't any backward 'B's in this probable masquerade.

word ver.: plaskill

(Had to edit this to change above to beneath.)