October 18, 2008


Its all crap isn't it. Dumming down? Well er.. No. I can't quite believe this. I turned up at a friends house to see Paul Merton sitting down with a bunch of Sadhus in a circle. Anyone who has been to India knows what happens next. But Paul Merton? On prime time TV? Cut to the advert break. I've seen people watch people do drugs on TV, I've seen a very scientific presentation of a couple of guys out of their heads on Fly Agarics being observed by scientists but a presenter doing a chillum?

Watching Paul Merton taking a first pussy puff I was still thinking, no. As he got into it and started laughing, so did I. Wonderful. The program is reviewed in the Telegraph here. If you scroll down there are some hilariously stuffy comments from Telegraph reading Indians. They haven't posted my comment- yet.

This got me thinking about what I've seen recently. Dawn Porter really isn't my kind of girl, but the way she got into sexual experimentation with Lesbians and Free lovers has been majestic TV, and Anne Richardsons Sex education show is proper, honest liberation.

The cream of the crop which I was totally unaware of has got to be The Angel in the North- Jamie Oliver. We raved about his School Dinners series over on Socialistwanker. Watching him "Hit the North" was just beautiful. Seeing someone use their celebrity and ambition for such a wholesome concept is just fucking faultless, and is also beautifully made drama. Jamie is a real champion of the common man, and woman.

All of the above programs (except Paul Merton) are available on 4oD.

UPDATE: Paul Merton in India is on demand here!! You need to register but its free.


Comedian Paul Merton has deeply offended the British Hindu community in the first part of his new series on India


Lazy said...

That Telegraph clip is great!

(from the comments):

"I enjoyed every bit of the programme and look forward to the next episode.
As a hindu from India I did not find anything offensive and I hope rest of the folks will take it in the lighter sense,there is nothing to be ashamed.
By the way I am a shiva devotee and this is how shiva would have liked us to enjoy."

DAVE BONES said...

Yeah they didn't put my comment up. I think it was a bit low brow for them.

Indigobusiness said...

Some people deserve a lot of credit.

They virtually slap my face, snap me out of it, and momentarily give me hope for the future.

DAVE BONES said...

Don't take that-Slap em back!

Indigobusiness said...

I welcome anything that clears my vision.

I'll save my slaps for the obscurors.

DAVE BONES said...

If you can see em

Indigobusiness said...

I should've said virtual slaps.

So, spank me.

Indigobusiness said...

Sorry, too much Monty Python.

The word verification on that was gridme. I should've listened.

Sometime the innernets are like the Great Pumpkin, filled with wisdom and coded cues.

DAVE BONES said...

Especially to diviners like ourselves

Indigobusiness said...

Not me, I'm in constant state of total confusion.

But I'm drunk on the mystery.

DAVE BONES said...

Yeah totally. Don't divine. Surprise me.

Indigobusiness said...

On second thought, I think you're right...I think I'll slap anybody that gives me hope for the future.

DAVE BONES said...

definitely as a matter of course. And as a matter of tradition.