May 21, 2009


I have been struggling every week to stop myself blogging about The Apprentice but this week the dam has burst. I have been addicted from the start as usual. What a prime bunch of tossers. Watching what they do next is just hilarious. I am supposed to be against capitalism why should this crap hold my attention? I am pleased that all the real tossers seem some how to wake up from their nightmares to redemtive moments when they come out, especially Ben this week who I thought might have had more of a rough time of it. Personally I don't respect Sir Alan as a model of capitalism. Money doesn't talk to me, I think it does to Sir Alan. My secret TV mentor of capitalism is someone I hate a lot more and totally grudge my respect for- and that is Gordon Fucking Ramsay.

The Apprentice Episode 9
The Apprentice You've Been Fired


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