May 17, 2009

'I was groomed for jihad in Britain'

...A TEENAGER has revealed how he was recruited by Al-Qaeda-inspired extremists and groomed to carry out suicide attacks in Britain..

he says he was recruited by Atilla and Hamid and radicalized in a squat in South London.

...After police closed down Hamza’s power base in 2004, Hamid and Ahmet moved to take control of Stockwell mosque.

A month after Adam was approached at the mosque, he was invited to the first of many meetings at a rundown squat in south London. It was here — and in similar buildings — that the real process of indoctrination went on, with exposure to violent videos, including footage of beheadings.

“They would show us videos of people bragging about 7/7 and 9/11 and they made it clear that they approved of it,” said Adam, who was one of two 15-year-old recruits, the youngest out of a group of 15-20 men.

“They weren’t as blunt as to say, ‘Yes, we did this’ or ‘We did that’. They were more aware than anyone that there’s a chance that someone in that room could be recording them.”

Adam was told that more advanced recruits had been sent on training exercises to the Lake District and the New Forest in Hampshire, as well as paintballing sessions in the home counties. At Ibrahim’s trial it emerged that several of these training camps were the subject of police surveillance.

Adam said Ahmet and Hamid, who helped to radicalise some of the 21/7 bombers at his east London home, often distorted quotes from the Koran to back their arguments.

“For example, the Koran says killing innocents is one of the biggest sins, but they would say that the innocents were just collateral damage and it was therefore okay,” said Adam...



I.:.S.:. said...

so they're just manufacturing stories again?

ho hum. how disappointing.

the sun should get onto that though!

"islamic gay ketamine terrorist squatter shock horror!"

DAVE BONES said...

Lets grow beards