May 02, 2009


Yeah I haven't written any personal shit for a while. I feel as if I am doing all the right things but noticing my general lack of enthusiasm about doing them. Brian posted a link to the Essene Gospels on facebook. I took a look and I must admit they focused me back onto thoughts I have been having for a long while about fasting and general clean living inducing a better state of mind.

I am fascinated by this Hindu/Buddhist vegetarian version of Jesus, and the translation of "demons" as the worms and caked on shit which come out of your arse through colonic irrigation and boils coming out of your skin when you fast.

..."Seek, therefore, a large trailing gourd, having a stalk the length of a man; take out its inwards and fill it with water from the river which the sun has warmed. Hang it upon the branch of a tree, and kneel upon the ground before the angel of water, and suffer the end of the stalk of the trailing gourd to enter your hinder parts, that the water may flow through all your bowels. Afterwards rest kneeling on the ground before the angel of water and pray to the living God that he will forgive you all your past sins, and pray the angel of water that he will free your body from every uncleanness and disease. Then let the water run out from your body, that it may carry away from within it all the unclean and evil-smelling things of Satan. And you shall see with your eyes and smell with your nose all the abominations, and uncleannesses which defiled the temple of your body; even all the sins which abode in your body, tormenting you with all manner of pains. I tell you truly, baptism with water frees you from all of these. Renew your baptizing with water on every day of your fast, till the day when you see that the water which flows out of you is as pure as the river's foam..."

Moving from bodily functions to all this Police stuff recently I feel a bit of a plan coming on. I call it Robocop 3 theory. Have you seen it? The one where the Police and the squatters team up against evil coporations? Its going to happen. Its got to be worth a go. I'm going to try and do some digging behind the scenes to see who is up for it.



Indigobusiness said...

Very interesting, Bones. You never cease in surprising me.

BTW -Are ypu sporting a mohawk these days? Got a photo?

DAVE BONES said...

Indigo! Yeah man. Its a bit longer these days

Indigobusiness said...

Yeah, I remember that picture, the t-shirt really suits you.