May 10, 2009


Well that was quite funny. All sorts of people turned up, some with good reason and some without. There was something odd which connected them, and it was oddness. So I didn't stay long. Having someone with a mohican and bones through his ears call a group of normal looking londoners "Odd looking" is ridiculous anyway.

I thought Boris was really entertaining. Everyone laughed. There were a few hecklers but he is obviously popular. I'm not really keen on public schoolboy "wordplay humour". I like Stephen Fry but I can't be arsed with his programme so I was surprised how much I enjoyed Boris' humour.

I thought he was "Doing a Boris" talking about mobile swimming pools, but it turns out he was serious. There was nothing we didn't already know, or anything wildly different to what any other mayor of London would do really, but it was nice to see how much he enjoys his job and how popular he was. It must be a trip cycling through a town you are the Mayor of. Boris said people often shout "You Tory tosser" at him when he stops at traffic lights, so if you see him you know what to shout now.


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