July 28, 2006


I heard about a "giant inflatable" taking off but was shocked to read in the paper that it was Maurice Agis' Dreamspace. For me, Dreamspace is the most important and universally accesible pieces of public art I have ever seen.

I first came across Dreamspace in mile End park maybe 10 years ago when I was doing a lot of acid. The whole experiece of taking yourself out of the chaos of natural and man-made forms into this repeating illusion spoke to me on levels I can't remember. I ended up flyering Dreamspace for nothing I was so excited by it and wanted people to see it. I think Maurice and his girlfriend thought I was a bit wierd in the end. I probably was.

When I was handing out flyers I remember I asked "Do you dream?" and if they took one I'd say "I thought so."

That was my first experiece of "trawling" a passing civilisation. People who recoiled or were negative I'd let pass without a second thought. The more adventureous I'd end up having beautiful conversations with and I met lots of nice girls that way.

I really feel for Maurice but have no idea how to contact him. I hope Dreamspace comes back. I really can't speak highly enough about it as an artistic experiece.

Maurice Agis' CV with pictures
BBC article


Indigobusiness said...

Such a beautiful thing to be involved in such a freaky tragedy.

I don't know if you've seen this picture.

twit said...

I wandered into one of those things about 6 or 7 years ago in Edinburgh. I spent a few hours just being consumed by it in quite a childlike way. After leaving, I think I remained in that state for the rest of the day. That's partly why I never found out what it was called; until now. But that slice of knowledge has arrived with a nasty aftertaste, especially if it was vandals that caused it.

I sympathise with people who knock the head off a Margaret Thatcher statue or deface Myra Hindley or whatever. But the willful destruction of other peoples harmless pleasures?

It feels like bleak reminder of something.

dave bones said...

I suppose the urge to destroy to deface is quite childlike too. I wish I could contact Maurice. I wouldn't know what to say. This is a very surreal distaster.

Indigobusiness said...

There's a world of difference between childlike and childish. One is to be embraced and encouraged, the other is simply deplorable.

Destructiveness is merely childish, and anything but childlike. This art piece was born from a creator who understands the merits of a childlike spirit.

This story is an abiding heartache. If you do run into Maurice, please pass along my sincere condolence.