July 20, 2006

via Rightwingsparkle Gazawia is a fellow blogger from the Houston Chronicle.

Hadeel Assali is a Palestinian-American originally from Gaza, living and working in Houston as a chemical engineer. She lives in the Houston Heights and is currently traveling, writing, and visiting relatives in the Middle East. (Gazawia means "girl from Gaza" in Arabic.)

Images coming out of Lebanon are horrifying, body parts everywhere. Are you seeing this in the US?

But in the US, I know everyone stopped watching long ago the body parts flying all over Iraq. So why would Gaza and Lebanon be any different?

Everyone here is really hoping Hizbollah is not just all talk.
Palestinians are eager for anyone who will keep Israel in check. I am spotting Hizbollah flags more and more...and I laugh to myself when I remember that the US has termed Hizbollah a terrorist organization while Israel is the ally.

I am not editing this as I write. All of us here, all of us in Palestine really wish that folks in the US even cared, but the email from my friend is not encouraging:

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