July 21, 2006


Annan speaks for the victims
Frustrated by the scale of the obstacles his team on the ground have
encountered and by apparent American and British determination to sit on
their hands, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has come out with one of
the strongest speeches I’ve ever heard him make.

He condemned Hizbollah and Israel in equal measure, damming Israel’s
"disproportionate use of force and collective punishment of the Lebanese
people", adding "it must stop".

He also says "Israel must allow humanitarian agencies to access

He confirms the view that the Lebanese Government has, that some
500,000 people have been displaced and he concurs with their observation that
the real figure may be closer to a million.

Tonight we are in the US and in Beirut where Jonathan Miller reports on
the aftermath of 26 tonnes of Israeli bombs dropped on a suspected
Hizbollah HQ and he also has an interview with a Hizbollah leader.


watch the report here


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