July 07, 2006

Remembering the 7/7 victims

Today is dominated by thoughts of the July 7 2005, the bomb attacks on
London and our attempts one year still to try to find out what it was
really about. We have the London Met police commissioner Sir Ian Blair
on tonight and he has some interesting thoughts about al-Qaeda and also
about Forest Gate, the raid a few weeks back in which 250 of his men
went after a supposed chemical weapon but found nothing.

He says his men are still looking for the weapon and the source had
given reliable material in the past. I will be broadcasting from Regents
Park where there is a service getting under way to remember the dead.

Today is especially poignant for the hundreds of survivors of the
attacks - many of whom suffered lasting psychological trauma as a result.
One of the survivors of the Piccadilly line bomb who spent half an hour
trapped in a smoke-filled carriage waiting to be rescued tells us how
she has been dealing with the last 12 months.


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I.:.S.:. said...

7/7. big deal. cringe with the self-importance of the "london commuters defy the bombers" we are not scared no we are british yes blitz two world wars and one world cup milk and two sugars please... 7/7 happens every fucking day in some countries we are and have been very involved with... who first used gas on the kurds? who created iraq?

ha. well. a 7/7 every day, somewhere in the world... but ours is more important cause we've got more experts on the case, one expert every three feet of cable, interpreting and reporting and opinionating for us and we've got it all on so many camera angles and mobile phone videos that were up on the website an hour after it happened and

hey look at the sky

the false dawn