May 10, 2005


I had an interesting conversation with a friends son recently about these characters from the new Starwars movie.

"Look." he said. "She is good and he is bad."

"But how do you know that?" I answered. "Maybe he has just got a bad press. History is written by the victors. Maybe he is just misunderstood."

"No." the kid was adamant. "Its obvious. She is good and he is bad."

"Rubbish." I countered. "Look if you were in a scrap, or if someone was picking on you at school, you'd rather have him as a friend than her. She would start screaming or go crying to mummy because she is a spoilt brat. He would just lamp 'em for you. Job done.

I bet he would be more fun to play with than her too. You can tell by looking at her. That girl has got tantrum written all over her face. If you played with her she would be making up boring rules that you had to stick to or she'd sulk.

He'd be showing you all his nifty gadgets and blowing shit up everywhere. All your friends would want to join in and play with you."

"But he is bad and she is good." insisted the kid.

I hope the new starwars is good, but after the last two I'm not holding my breath. I am part of the "Star Wars" generation. May the force be with you motherfucker!

One plus for the new Star Wars- There are shit loads of Wookies in it! I always liked the wookie.

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