July 20, 2009


No trouble on the second day of The Lambeth Country Show but the cops were searching every "black yoof" just in case. Some people were saying the crew yesterday were beating up other kids. They certainly looked like trainee steamers. What can the Police do? It is a shame that this thing reinforces itself so being hassled by cops is a way of life for a black teenager in Brixton and not joining a gang leaves you vunerable to gang activity. Anyway I thought it was a great festival. It is a great experiment to bring a bit of the countryside into town. This is Brixton and there is nowhere quite like it.

Heavy Entrance

No one is interested in the Liberal Democrats

Really stunning Cactii

The biggest one sold for eighty quid

Note the cactii tie. This guy said he had been coming down with his cactii from Lincolnshire since a year after the riots and had seen friends he had made at this event grow up. They are often at posher events in London, Hampton Court etc but they don't like to miss this one, everyone expects them to be there.

"I brought my wife down, she said at the end of the day she had never kissed so many black ladies in her life!"

Family Dread

Mark and Dark. DJ Dark (left) was put in jail for graffiti a while back. He said the open prison was OK and a lot of people inside had read about his case and knew he was coming.

"People were throwing plastic bottles of Appletons over the fence for New year!"


African neocon said...

Absolutely racist! You mean you felt left out Dave? No smelly copper prodding you with his "you gay lik" eyes? What's the world of equa opportunities coming to when whites are left out under "sus law"?

DAVE BONES said...

yeah equal opportunity prodding

I.:.S.:. said...

I felt absolutely left out. I even walked right up to the coppers at the gate slow and deliberate and all insolent like and they still only stopped the black kids. Shit man I must be past it already if I look old and respectable enough not to be a knife crime threat.