July 07, 2009


OK. It is safe now. Panorama's protest piece started by addressing everything I was moaning about, and proceeded through all the relevant questions about Police and FIT squad attitudes to protest. Well done Panorama, I'll shut up now.

Apart from that life is in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment. I may be filming, I may not. I may "get somewhere" filming, I might not. I might just branch off and do something totally different. Sort of same as usual really. I can't complain.

I have just finnished reading The Brotherhood of Eternal Love by two British writers Stewart Tendler and David May (interview here). This is an excellent book which, as David says might be made into a film at some point. I haven't wanted to take acid for a long while now, though I would like to again one day. I am off all drugs for the moment and I have stopped smoking for health reasons. I am avoiding social situations involving alchohol because I don't want them to lead to more cigarettes. I even went running with Mr Camel which was a surprise.

I haven't really made a point of taking a stand politically here because I don't really feel political, though I do feel a bit guilty about that. I assuage this guilt a tiny amount joining in debates over at the excellent Pickled Politics blog where I managed to get myself accused of being racist and of not being racist enough in the comments section of the same post.

I am not really any good at debating. I rarely take it seriously enough and pursue a path of comedic anti-intellectualism which is designed to be more entertaining than productive and probably isn't that entertaining either. Most of the time I find myself butting into the middle of some of the regular commenters long term rows with each other with the same stuff over again, but I like Pickled Politics and I think they are taking a very "live" attitude to the recent BNP gains in the European Parliament. I am glad they are taking it seriously even if I am not. I mean, the far right are no threat are they?

Whilst none of these extremist groups affect my life I hold the same attitude to all of them. I find these controversial utopic views fascinating. I don't know why, but I do.

What else have I been getting into? Oh yes. Lady Gaga at Glastonbury and I don't know why about that either. All her songs sound like the same mediocre Madonna song, but I am not sure which one. She sounds like she is doing a bad impression of Madonna when she sings, but scores a few points for grunginess. She is marginally prettier than Madonna was at her age. I think she will be quite sexy if she gets to forty- yet the whole package, together, I can't help liking, and I was never a Madonna fan though I liked the one with the buring crosses in the video.



Gorilla Bananas said...

Yes, you are fascinated by the fanatic. I think many comedians are like that. Hitler was an inspiration for Charlie Chaplin, Mel Brooks, Russ Meyer and many others. Didn't you think The Fear was good?

DAVE BONES said...

The Fear is a film? I haven't seen it.

Blogger said...

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