July 17, 2009

Self Starter Terr-ist Found Guilty

Isa Ibrahim, 20, made viable explosives, manufactured a suicide vest and carried out reconnaissance on the Broadmead shopping centre. Detectives believe he was about to launch an attack, possibly targeting the centre's busy food court area.

Police are heralding the case as a breakthrough as they say it is the first in which the information about a British would-be terrorist planning an atrocity in the UK has come just from a Muslim community.

Ibrahim's extremism did not come to the attention of the authorities until members of a mosque he attended grew worried about his behaviour and went to Avon and Somerset police.

Apparently Isa radicalised himself and learnt how to make his explosives online.


They are making a lot of this guy taking influence from Abu Hamza. There is also an article written by a Muslim I have just found called Islam and Jihad in context of international treaties and citizenship of a Non-Muslim majority state which says

...Lamentably, today, some elements are exhorting impressionable Muslim youth with to renege on their commitments and pacts in the name of jihad. In this way they are seeking to instigate them to violate the commandments of the shariah and the limits set by God, while also causing grave damage to the cause of Islam and its followers. These stupid people are not friends of Islam. Many of them, in fact, have been nurtured and are being used by the enemies of Islam. In this regard I can cite two notable instances—Abu Hamza al-Misri and Omar al-Bakri—both of who are based in England and are engaged in provoking young Muslims to take to violence while themselves enjoying the protection of the British Government....

This is a minor problem for me in that from what I saw on the street Hamza was preaching against Jihad here, and serious about his covenant of security. I don't know Bakri, I have seen mixed messages online but last time I saw Anjum Choudhary preach he also spoke about a covenant of security. I have linked to some of Hamza's kutbah's in the side bar. Do go through them to see if I am wrong, but don't radicalize yourself and blame me. The thing is, Hamza's video's which Glen Jenvey put up could be taken in the context of radicalization. In his defence he said they were in the context of what was happening in Bosnia at the time. The jury rejected that defence, unsurprisingly as 7/7 happened two days into the start of his trial.

Glen, as you probably all know by now reverted to Islam over the phone with Omar Bakri and he talks about making peace between Al Qaeda and "The West" rather than any threat. I have never known for certain if these guys are a threat or not. Giving evidence Mohammed Hamid said that there was a debate at Finsbury between those who thought the UK attack on Iraq and Afghanistan was a breach of covenant and those who thought the covenant still existed for Muslims living here and benefitting from this system.

I think they have definately suffered from their own anger allowing them to be costsrued as a threat. For example, in the video I posted the other day Abu Waleed talks about kaffirs not washing. Would the Daily Mail interpret this as hatred of all of us? Would a jury of his peers? He talks OK to me. I don't get any hatred vibes. When I first spoke to him on the phone I got the impression that they were doing "PVE" for free. Watching these videos it is hard not to slip into the mindset of the "journalists" who make money listening through and picking out phrases here and there which might sound vaguely threatening.

The Daily Mail would also argue- everyone today is arguing taking Isa as an example that these preachers should take some responsibility for what they put online and they are right. Atilla always said his hatred and anger was directed at the government, but it wouldn't always sound like that to a stranger sometimes I am pretty sure from the comments which have appeared on my videos of him preaching.

None of this makes a lot of diference to me. I wouldn't give a shit if Muslims did think I was a dirty kuffar. I have always liked the track. Daniel Sanford said they all used to come away from court singing it and I don't think he is an extremist. Obviously I don't want anyone to blow up or be blown up here or over there, but myself here I am just a curious observer.

Nobody blow up OK? It wont do you or your cause any good for a start and you wont be around to try to wade through all this toward a peace where we can all look each other in the eye and say- we did that.

UPDATE: I just found this on an Islamic forum posted in some argument between Muslims about Glen Jenvey's revertion to Islam:

...Dave at malung-tv-news is well known and respected for his non-bias,so I would say this news is very credible due to the source...

Well that sort of balances out the "Unfit to sweep the sidewalk" comment on Ummah.com a bit I suppose but well known? I mean I have seen my webstats...


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Good to see you keeping the blog fresh and interesting

(btw kafir is the singular kufar is the plural)

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Fresh? I thought I was saying the same thing over and over again but cheers :-)

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