July 22, 2009


It's time for the left to get radical by Sunny Hundal in The Guardian.

Sunny's is the only UK left wing Political blog/forum I really keep up with. I read Rachel's and Anna's blog, but they are pals. I don't think Sunny and I agree about how to deal with mad Muslims all the time but I would imagine we'd agree about pretty much everything else and I am fairly level with the sentiment here. The conclusion is probably true too:

...More radical ideas, it seems, will only come from the Labour left once the party is out of power and they are free from the burden of political positioning...

Political positioning is probably the main thing which puts all of us of politcs in general. The article is based around the launch of the "New Left Forum" Open left. Glancing briefly across their homepage Peter Hyman, who famously gave up a top job in the New Labour machine to teach in a secondary school is the only person who would interest me.

Its just not sexy is it? Politics either needs some horn or more of this. At least South Korean politicians are entertaining. We need to show where "Left" works. Happy people who are experiencing the benefits of the things in life which are truly valuable. This isn't really done by Politics anymore, it happens on TV.

If you are into left wing politics still and need a tip, I'd probably ditch the "left". It's an outmoded concept. We don't need it anymore. People just need stuff that works. England has never been about quality of life. It should be.

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