July 19, 2009


Clicking through my webstats I noticed people were picking up on my posts about David Shayler. I was getting all this from Facebook where some of the Tyting farm community were posting these videos. I was having a bit of a laugh in the comments for a while firstly questioning and then defending Shaylers messianic claims when others questioned them. I'm not too bothered who David Shayler thinks he is. I think readers will know by now that I quite like eccentrics and as long as he is having fun and not hurting anyone I don't give a shit. I try not to judge people lest I may also be judged. I'm not that into religion anymore but I can see the wisdom in this.

Anyway clicking through webstats I noticed that none other than Warren Ellis was also blogging about Shayler. He takes quite a different view of Shaylers messianic claims. I really like Warren's work, especially Transmetropolitan which Mr Camel and I took as the inspiration for Socialistwanker (which we update rarely these days) . I put some more comments on Warren's blog, maybe they didn't get through. On his site Warren is doing a weekly comic called Freakangels which is really turning into something.

Rachel is also hmmm-ing dubiousity, posting a link to this article which talks about Shayler as a transvestite, so I thought I'd post here the missing video, of Shayler in full transvestite garb being evicted from Tyting farm. At the end of the conversation over on facefuck I said that I thought Shayler could be Jesus if he wants, but I wanted to be one of the thieves on the cross.

I have been evicted too many times. Sometimes I thought it meant something and we were on some sort of mission, other times it meant fuck all. I just think this sort of thing is great physical theatre only unlike Bruno, no one is joking. The guys who made these videos are editing a film of the whole project to be premiered at The Big Green Gathering. I will be in France but if you are green, enjoy!

Eviction Day from anaconda on Vimeo.

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